Please allow Roman White to welcome you to

born January 2, 2009 at 11:40am

5 lbs, 6 oz - 19 inches long



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Children of the World      Fighting Monsters

Happy Birthday Daddy      1st Letters      Friends/Twinkle      Motorcycle

Cruisin      New Drums      Pirate Paint      Tricycle      Kick It      Rock a Baby

Up Close      Quick Treat      Blocks      Musical Mats      Playground Fun      Snack Time

Talk Time      Sandbox      Count to 10      Super Halftime Dance      Playtime With Roman

1 Little Roman      1st Haircut      Rocking Horse      Push Pop      A Few Words

Pool Time Fun      July 4th, 2010      Mouth,Nose,Tongue      Toothbrushing      1st House

Preschool     Bath Time Fun      1st Pony Ride      Throw Me Elmo      Wiggle Watchin'

Wanderer      Smashcake      Walker      Crashface      Housecleaning       1st Crawl

1st Walker      Highchair      Poolside at Bella Sera      1st Spoon      Exersaucer

Laughing      Wake up with Roman      Baby Talk      a minute in the crib

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